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A Note from the Headteacher 12th March

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

What a first week back to school, it has been!
On Monday, it was fantastic to see the children return so enthusiastically and settle back happily into class with their teachers and friends. However, Monday seems a long time ago at the end of an almost unbelievable week at Stanburn! Who would have thought that by Thursday we would have to close the school and go back to remote learning again?

As you will know, the reason for this was the imminent risk presented to us all by the huge tower of scaffolding immediately next to the school (by Pine Gate), which had become extremely unsafe due to high winds on Wednesday evening. Abercorn Road was blocked off and access to the school has been difficult. (Please see the full story and photographs later in the newsletter). Thank you for your understanding during this emergency, which has enabled us to keep the whole school community safe.

As I write, I have just been informed by Harrow Council, who have inspected the site, that Abercorn Road should be re-opened later this evening and the scaffolding dismantled by the end of today, or by tomorrow, at the latest. I was so relieved to hear this and I am sure you are too!

I look forward eagerly to Monday and seeing all the children back in school.

Thank you again.
Best wishes,
Mrs C Lansdown