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A Note from the Headteacher 18th May

Dear Parents and Carers,

At Stanburn we have always focused on fostering a “love of reading” as we know that this is hugely valuable for children. We were therefore delighted when last week we had a visit from our Local Authority School Improvement Adviser who noted that at Stanburn:

“Children are passionate about reading, understanding the joy that it can bring. One Y4 pupil expressed how reading expands his imagination & a Y3 pupil described how reading ‘takes you on an adventure’”

“Pupils are enthusiastic about VIPERS and can articulate how this helps them to deconstruct texts and how this supports their understanding of challenging texts”

“Pupils are able to recall class texts and stated that they enjoy the challenge of classic texts that have been chosen to support their vocabulary. Y4 pupils recalled new vocabulary including debonair and incredulous”

A huge well done to all the children and staff who she interviewed or saw teaching and learning.

Thanks go to all families who continue to support their children with their reading at home. Please also encourage your child to read for leisure -stories and factual books - as this will help to increase their general knowledge, have a positive impact on their academic achievement, enhance their reading ability, increase their vocabulary, and…(last but not least) give them a lifetime of reading pleasure!

Best wishes,
Mrs C Lansdown