A Note from the Headteacher 22nd June 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Since returning after half-term, the children have continued to inspire us all with their resilience, hard work and determination. During the next 2 weeks we are undertaking end-of-year assessments with the children. These will help inform us of the progress the children have made since the last lockdown and any gaps in their learning. This will guide us in planning the curriculum and teaching & learning for next year.

Last week we welcomed into school our Local Authority School Adviser who looked specifically at the teaching of History, Geography and P.E. I am so proud to be able to report that she saw some great practice. Many strengths were seen – a few of which are captured below:

Thank you to all the children and teachers who did so well during this visit.

Please continue to support our “Walk to school week - wheeling, scooting and cycling all count too.” We are on track to achieve our Bronze STARS award and everyone can help us do this by joining in!

For more information see article on the next page.

Best wishes,
Mrs C Lansdown