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PESP Financial Year April 2015-April 2016





Proposed Impact

Actual Impact

1.Staff CPD-teaching and learning 

Staff to attend CPD sessions for PE.


Provide in house support through whole staff insets. 


PE Co-ordinator

  • Staff training to enhance teaching and learning of PE. 

  • 60% of staff reported CPD sessions helped to develop their skills and knowledge in the teaching of PE. 

2.HSIP PE package 

Contact Harrow to buy package


PE Co-ordinator

  • Use package to access support to continue to develop PE in the school. 

  • To be used next academic year. 

3.Change 4 Life clubs in KS1 and KS2

Carry on KS1 clubs

Start KS2 clubs in Spring 2016


PE Co-ordinator

  • Children more positive about PE.

  • Children more aware of a healthier lifestyle. 

  • 87% of children were more positive about PE.

  • 90% of children reported healthy food can be delicious.

  • 38% of children reported that they are now more likely to access an after school club related to sports. 


4.Lunch time clubs

United in Sport to provide a range of sporting activities for children.


Develop range of activities available to increase participation in clubs. 


PE Co-ordinator

  • Number of children participating in lunch time clubs to increase. 

  • Children have a range of activities they can do during lunch times.

  • 29% percent increase in number of children accessing lunch time clubs. 

5.Skipping workshops 

Get in touch with Skipping workshop contact.


Organise sessions for randomly picked children in year groups. 

These children to then teach others in their classes. 


PE Co-ordinator

  • Increased participation of children doing skipping during lunch times.

  • 47% increase in children doing skipping in the playground at break times and lunch times.