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Join us at Stanburn

Why join Stanburn?

‘Believe Achieve Succeed – Learning without limits’ sums up our vision and values.


Our school community works together with the common purpose of building confidence in all our children so that they set their sights high, achieve to the best of their ability and try to succeed in all that they do.

We strive for excellence and aim to inspire and challenge all our children to learn skills, develop passions and reach heights they could not imagine!

Alongside this, we have an ethos of inclusion and high expectations for all, and a strong commitment to the holistic care, nurture and development of well-rounded pupils.

We believe that happy children, who feel safe and valued, are best placed to learn and to enjoy contributing to all aspects of school life. In this way, they are more likely to reach their full potential and be ready for the next stage of their lives.


We offer an exciting learning environment where children feel happy, safe and secure and ready to learn. From their very first day at school, we encourage the children to believe, achieve and succeed. With four vibrant classes and a very experienced team of Early Years practitioners, your child will be nurtured to reach their potential. A seamless transition from pre-schools and nurseries is imperative to ensuring that your child is supported into their new setting. Staff are committed to ensuring that children have the best start to their school life by building strong relationships with different settings and meeting both the children and their keyworkers in their current settings where possible. We work in close partnership with parents and conduct home visits in September where we have the opportunity to engage with the whole family. We also hold several workshops throughout the year to support and guide parents on how to help their children at home. As the Reception year progresses, your child will work towards the early learning goals. We offer additional intervention for children who require more support and encourage all children to learn without limits with our inclusive but challenging ethos.

Each classroom has set areas of learning which include a writing table and maths table, a vibrant book corner, a colourful construction area, and an exciting role play and creative area. Children are encouraged to make independent choices in their learning, with all activities closely linked to our topics. Each week the children complete two adult focussed activities inside the classroom- one writing and one maths. They also spend time in our outside learning area, with more open-ended challenges guided by the adults. Every child reads twice weekly and streamed phonics groups encourage each child to learn at their appropriate level.

Weekly indoor PE (dance and gymnastics) and outside games encourage the children to develop their gross motor control skills. The children also love using the climbing frame and other playground areas such as the trail on site. They also develop basic computer skills, using desktop machines in the computing suite each week. By the end of Reception, they are able to log on and off, select a suitable program, control a mouse and find letters on the keyboard.

All children are encouraged to develop the characteristics of effective learning in readiness for the National Curriculum in Year 1. We believe children learn best through practical experiences and play. By the end of Reception they are resilient learners who can think critically to problem solve and will continue trying if they encounter difficulties. Staff in Stanburn are passionate about helping children to achieve beyond their limits as well as nurturing and guiding them through their school life.

We welcome visits from prospective parents. Please contact the school office for more information. If you would like to visit the school for a tour, please contact the school office to book onto one. See the link below for dates.

Questions from Boys and Girls

A child is ready for school if they are prepared for it -talk to your child about starting school, little and often is best. Keep it positive! We share lots of stories. Encourage your child to sit and listen, -talk about the characters and what might happen next. Ensure they are ready for any times that can cause anxiety e.g. PE and lunchtime. Help them to practise getting dressed and undressed, including putting on their coat. Show them their school uniform and PE kit. If your child will be having school meals, practise using a knife and fork. If they are going to have a packed lunch, make sure they can open their bag and containers.

Stanburn is a kind and caring community. We may be a very large school, but the Reception classrooms are all together and we share an outside area. We care about each individual child and their learning and will do our very best to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

We have a family of ducks that visit us every year!
We have our very own museum!
We speak over 30 languages at Stanburn!

Have an understanding of sharing and being kind
Be toilet trained
Be able to sit and listen for ten minutes
Be able to follow and talk about a story
Be able to feed themselves
Have a go at dressing and undressing independently
Have the confidence to ask for help if they need it
Be able to write their name in lower case letters
Have an understanding of number and counting

Write their name in CAPITAL LETTERS
Pronounce their sounds incorrectly

We have two:
Label everything with your child’s name and class
Encourage independence. You may be running short on time and it may be quicker to do things for them, but let them have a go!