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Abercorn Road Emergency

Thank you all for your patience over the last couple of days as we have been managing the circumstances created by the building works on the plot next door to school. The safety of all our pupils, staff and families is always key in every decision we take. Harrow Health and Safety as well as their building and developments team, the police, the fire brigade and Transport for London have all been involved in resolving the situation. The high winds overnight on Wednesday meant that the scaffolding began to lean precariously, and was declared by the police to be unsafe. The road was closed off around 8am, and the traffic on the other local roads began to build up to very significant levels. We were concerned about the use of Pine Gate, and the nursery gate in order for pupils to enter the building, and as the high winds continued, we would not have been happy to have used the Pine Playground at all.

We have remained in contact with the Harrow team throughout the period, and had plans for them to be contacting us on Sunday to keep us informed with updates on the works. All through Thursday and Friday, the road remained closed and the scaffolding company continued to dismantle the structure.

We are pleased to see that the work has been completed and the road re-opened just past 3.30pm on Friday afternoon, and we will be able to re-open the school to everyone on Monday morning!