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Many thanks to all those of you who have kept in touch over the last week. It has been a challenging time for us all, whether providing the essential childcare provision for critical key workers, working from home, or developing home learning materials. Well done to all parents who have managed to find a ‘new normal’ in their approaches at home! Please remember, the home learning online is a starting point. You may not reach the finish line. You may go on a detour, and pick up lots of other learning and activities along the way.

dB Primary now has an additional community—Stanburn School. The Junior Newsletter, written by our Year 6 Social Mentors, has been uploaded here so that the children can access it easily. Also in this community is a link to #TheGreatIndoors, a website from the Scouts with lots of great ideas for new activities to try out at home. More will be added to this community as we continue to find a path through our new routines.

It has been lovely to receive so many positive messages through our school email inbox, from parents, the local authority and even the government. Thank you for these uplifting messages. Some of these are included below:

“Thank you for working above and beyond. I hope you are all safe.”
“I do hope all staff at Stanburn Primary School are all well and likewise so are your families…
“We wish all family and staff members at Stanburn a safe and healthy passage through the end of the pandemic.”
“Many thanks for your help and our very best wishes to all teaching and support staff at the school.”
“We really appreciate that you are providing this service in this tough time.”
“We have just read your email on wellbeing and wanted to thank you all for working hard to support the children and their families. We very much appreciate the hard work that all staff put in to keep things going in such tough times. Stay safe. We are all united.”