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Competition Time!

It has been a very exciting Autumn term so far, with the hustle and bustle of everyone finding their way around the school from their new classrooms. The new Reception children have now settled in very well, Year 3 children are used to the rooms upstairs and our many visitors continue to need showing around.
To help find our way around we often use maps such as ordnance survey maps, A-Z, sat navs, the underground map or google maps. The teachers have fire exit maps but they are not very children friendly. To help with this we are setting a map drawing competition. Can you use your Geographical skills and draw a map of the school? Your map should include the location of each classroom, the hall, the computer rooms, the toilets and routes to and from the playground. KS2 children should draw the layout upstairs and KS1 children draw the layout downstairs.
The competition will be judged on the accuracy and geographical features used such as:
A key
Compass points for direction
Birdseye view
Grid references
Correct use of map symbols and signs
The winners will be awarded 10 house points for their team and have their map put up around the school.
Please make sure your entry has your name and class on it and hand in by Friday 6th December.