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Cycling for a Cure

We were very proud to receive this article, from Cancer Research UK about one of our students recently! Well done Karissa!
“9 year old Karissa and her classmates were set a challenge by their school to take part in an activity to boost their mental health. Karissa started by baking a cake but soon realised that her ambition to help others was far bigger than her appetite for cake. One morning, she ran to her mum full of excitement with her plans to raise money to support Cancer Research UK. Karissa teamed up with her best friends Anaiya (8) and Maleeya (6) and embarked on 50 laps of her local park on their bikes, which they completed within a day. “After the 50-lap challenge was completed, Karissa was visibly overwhelmed. She was jumping up and down, she was so happy with herself. She said, ‘mummy I feel so proud, I’ve helped the children!’ she felt a sense of achievement and a sense of well-being.” Together the girls raised over £900 to support our research.”