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dB Primary

We continue to enjoy seeing the pictures and work posted up on dB Primary by those continuing their learning at home. Please do follow the link to the gallery for some more images!

The dB Primary Reception forum has some lovely photos posted by families—pictures of art work, collage, writing, maths and many more activities that they are clearly having fun, and learning with at home!

Year 1 children have created 3d cardboard tube animals as part of our Animal Art project. They planted beans in school before lockdown and then took them home and have been looking after them all this time. There are some amazing pictures on the gallery!

Year 2 have been busy making sock puppets, maps, creating book reviews and more! Some children have created power points and given a book review.

Year 3 have been extremely busy on dB Primary, the children have been writing book reviews, designing posters about the Amazon Rainforest and creating art work from the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. 

Year 4 have been busy learning about the water cycle and states of matter; their learning and the way they have chosen to present it has been imaginative and creative!

For the last few weeks, Year 5 have been very busy creating their own flashback stories. They have used imagery and a video clip to help inspire them to write their own version of a flashback and have used excellent examples of figurative language to develop their writing.
Children are regularly uploading their work to dB Primary and we have seen some wonderful examples of children developing their DT skills by making a delicious vegetarian pizza, taking part in science investigations and drawing conclusions from their results and posting lots of excellent ‘Big Writes’ where the children have shown us how they are really focused on the success criteria to ensure they are developing their writing in interesting ways. We have one who is leading his own yoga sessions for his parents at home!

Year 6 pupils have been uploading some excellent home learning recently onto dB Primary. Here are some examples of the Art and RE work they have been doing. Also, in our Special Dates learning tab on dB Primary, the children were asked to create word clouds to recognise the amazing work that nurses are doing and to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. We are really proud of all the work the Year 6 children have been producing at home; please visit our Gallery pages on dB Primary to see more of their wonderful work.