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Family Survey

Thank you so much to all our parents who responded to our survey this last week. We are so pleased to see that: 95% agree their child has settled back well to school:
The majority of our families had a positive experience over lockdown: 82% said they had a positive experience. Some of you asked for additional support—someone will be contacting you shortly to discuss this.
We had some lovely comments too:

“It's a brilliant idea having this extra support for
people who need it. Thank you for always looking
out for the children at Stanburn and their parents.”

“The support offered by the teachers and school
during lockdown was fantastic. The homework was
set out in such an easy to use way too. Thank you
to all staff for all their hard work during these
difficult times. As a key worker myself I know how
difficult it was to balance everything.”

“Thank you for your support and concern. It is truly

We have read all of your comments, and you will see
over the coming days and weeks how they are being
addressed. Thank you for contributing in this way.