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Football Competition

Following the qualifiers on the 29th April, Stanburn qualified for the finals on Wednesday 19th May. 18 Schools took part and only 6 made it into the final, Stanburn being one of them 6 after finishing second in their group.

The final took place using a league format, each school would play each other once and the school with the most points would be crowned champions. After their 5 matches, Stanburn won 1, drew 2 and lost 2. Being very unlucky with drawing both their games where we probably should have won on another day, we finished on 5 points and ended the competition 5th. This is a huge achievement and all 10 children involved should hold their heads up high, 5th out of 18 schools is extremely impressive. Well done to Camron, Rithik, Jash, Niyam, Sahil, Reda, Ali, Rayyan, Diyan and Hussien who all played a valuable part in Stanburn's success.