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Keeping Active this Easter PE Hub Portals Article

In school we use the PE Hub to ensure our PE lessons are engaging and exciting. We are pleased to announce that they have now launched, ‘The PE Hub Portal’ ( to support parents in leading simple activities at home. No prior teaching or coaching experience is necessary! You can choose from a variety of sessions from pulse-raising activities and challenges to fun games to play in the house.

There are 3 categories of activities to choose from: Fitness, Problem Solving and Games.

Remember, it is important that you are being active for 60 minutes each day, as PE helps with both our Physical and Mental Well-being. Usually, we would try and ensure 30 of these minutes take place at school, but when you are on your Easter Break, it is important you try and complete all 60 minutes at home. Why not use the ‘Active Log’ (which has been emailed to you separately) to keep track of how active you are being. There is also a guide for parents if you would like to find out other ideas to help keep your children active this Easter.