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On Wednesday morning this week, the parent reps gathered to meet and discuss various school issues. Ms Holliday and Claire attended the meeting, to talk about arrangements for school lunches. Parents heard about how the arrangements (begun last September) have meant that pupils now know where they are sitting for lunch—no more anxiety there! They take joint responsibility for their tables, helping one another when needed with water pouring, passing the cutlery pot, living our school values of respect and co-operation. Pupils take it in turns to wipe the tables using a spray bottle of water—SMSAs are always on hand to help if there is an actual spill, or food on the table, with the kitchen sanitary sprays! Claire explained the systems that all Radish kitchens have to have in place in schools. Everything is temperature checked, many times, in order to ensure that it is at the correct temperature for serving—not as hot as straight out of our domestic ovens—we don’t want any burnt mouths! Portion control is tightly controlled, with the government issuing portion sizes, and Radish doing spot checks on this, and many other areas that the kitchen staff always have to be mindful of. She also shared her recent good news—the kitchen has recently been re-inspected, and awarded the top 5 star rating once again! Congratulations to Claire and all her Radish team at Stanburn!