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School Lunch Payments

The School has adopted a no-debt policy relating to the provision of school lunches. School lunch accounts MUST be in credit for your child to have a hot school lunch. The school will grant a one-off debt allowance of one meal. However, all debts must be paid the next morning at the latest. If this debt remains unpaid you must provide your child with a packed lunch until all outstanding debts have been paid. For further information on the debt policy please visit the school website.

From September the price of a school lunch has increased to £2.20. This is as a result of increased food and staff costs. The new price is still very competitive and in line with prices charged by other local schools.

This change will not affect those who are entitled to free school lunches through the Universal Infant Free School Meals programme in Reception and in Years 1 and 2. It will also not affect children in Key Stage 2 who are entitled to free school lunches.

If parents believe that their children may qualify for entitlement to Free School Meals please contact the office for more details. However, until this entitlement has been approved by parents are still responsible for paying their child’s lunches.

We would like to thank all parents who have supported us with this policy.