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We hope you all have settled in nicely back to school. We are excited to announce a new fundraising event in the form of a second hand “Uniform Shop” at Stanburn. Recycling uniform is a great way to save the environment and also save money. 

Did you know, 1.4 million wearable school uniforms are thrown away each school year! We hope to open the Uniform shop in the next month however in the meantime we are relying on your donations of good quality unwanted Stanburn Primary School uniform.

We asked that the items are washed before donated. Items you are able to donate include the following:
 Jumper (With logo)
 White shirts/polo shirts
 School ties
 Grey trousers/skirts/dresses
 Summer dresses
 Book bags
 PE Sweatshirt (with logo)
 PE T shirts (with logo)

No underwear/socks/tights please!

Please bring your washed items in a bag (by the Pine gate entrance before 9am every Friday, starting from Friday 18th June 2021).

Many thanks for helping us with this exciting opportunity and we look forward to seeing you at our first Uniform popup shop. Further details to follow.


PTA Team