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Pupil Travel Survey

This week our pupils have taken part in a hands-up survey to find out how they travel to and from school, and how they would like to travel. The results help us to understand our school's travel habits and identify areas for improvement.

How our pupils travel to school:
Active travel (walking, scooting, cycling) 49%
Public transport 5%
Car 46%

How our pupils would like to travel to school:
Active travel (walking, scooting, cycling) 76%
Public transport 8%
Car 16%

We last did this survey in November 2020, at that time 41% of pupils made active journeys to school and 55% of pupils were travelling to school by car. In the space of 6 months active journeys to school have increased by 8% and car journeys have decreased by 9%. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this positive change!​

It is fantastic to see that so many pupils want to make active journeys to and from school. This is a healthy and environmentally friendly choice. Please support our vision to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality around the school site by making active journeys part of your daily routine. Have a look at our 'Active Travel Map' that we have sent out with this newsletter and use it to plan your safe, active journeys to and from school. We look forward to seeing as many pupils as possible walking, scooting or cycling to and from school next half term.