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Road Safety Week

The National Road Safety week was week beginning 18th November, and the school marked the week with some special assemblies and activities. Some pupils from Year 6 have summed up what they have learnt for everyone to share:

‘On Monday 18th November, we had 2 Metropolitan Police officers come to our school and teach us about road safety. They have us advice about how to stay safe around cars and vehicles. They showed us a PowerPoint about how to be alert and aware when travelling.

Find a safe place to cross the road, e.g. zebra crossing, pedestrian crossing
Always wear your seatbelt whilst travelling in a car and encourage others to do so
During the winter months it tends to get darker earlier, so wear reflectors so drivers can see you

Use electronics while crossing roads or driving inside a car or vehicle
Run on roads whilst a car is coming
Play on roads
Not wear a helmet because you may fall.’