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Stanburn Stars

Pupils from different year groups gathered together this week to discover who had been awarded our very first ‘Stanburn Star’ trophies. These trophies and certificates are awarded to pupils who have gone ‘above and beyond’ and demonstrate that they embody our school values of Respect, Co-operation, Courage, Curiosity, Resilience, Kindness and Aspiration. In a lovely ceremony, class teachers spoke about the qualities and values that these children had exhibited, before Mrs Lansdown presented them with a very special trophy to take home. Well done to Andreas, Dilraj, Sithursha, Zayn, Hella, Zayd, Aaron, Annabel, Yusuf, Pranay, Ana, Lucca, Marwa, Larissa, Ria, Aayush, Nikhil, Shia, Sanjay, Alex, Zain and Zaynab. Congratulations to all those who were presented with these; we look forward to seeing who will be aspiring to win one next year!