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Travelling to School

Sustrans Big Pedal


We are delighted to let you know that we came 94th in the large primary school category in the Greater London region for our Sustrans Big Pedal 5 day challenge. During the challenge Stanburn families made 4,678 active journeys to school - this is a great achievement! We would like to encourage all families to make active journeys to school as often as possible to help us reduce traffic congestion by our school gates and to improve the air quality for our school community and local residents.


Walk to School Week

Next half term we will be taking part in another initiative to increase active journeys to school with Living Streets Walk to School Week. Keep an eye out for details coming out very soon.

School Crossing

We are very lucky that we have a School Crossing Patrol Officer helping our families to stay safe and cross the road outside our school. May we remind all families to support her by stopping your vehicles when asked and treating her with courtesy.


We have seen a number of vehicles making u-turns on Abercorn Road outside the school gates. This is not safe for road users or pedestrians. Please use the roundabout if you need to turn your vehicle around.