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Year 1 class assemblies

On Tuesday 5th November Ruby welcomed parents to their class assembly with an African Welcome song. The children enjoyed sharing their learning about the five senses and spoke their words with great confidence. They enthusiastically narrated and acted out how Mr Bear tried to get a peaceful night’s sleep in the story “Peace at Last.” The children enjoyed playing the different parts and added in the sound effects using their loud voices. 1 Ruby proudly showed off their colourful portraits inspired by Picasso and proved themselves to be keen artists. The children finished their assembly by singing a song to convey the message that every one of us is special and should be proud of our achievements.

There has also been a wonderful assembly by 1Poppy - they shared fantastic science experiments linked to senses, beautiful self portraits and a great song celebrating individuality linked to #Oddsocksday 1, 2, 3 it’s good to be me!’