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Coronavirus Letters and Advice

UPDATED: January 2022

self isolation guidance

The guidance around testing has changed.

If an individual is displaying symptoms, then they should stay at home, and only leave home in order to have a PCR test. If an individual test positive on a lateral flow test, this result should be reported on the government reporting tool, and to the school office. 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents and pupils to use the lateral flow tests on a regular basis – guidance recommends at least twice a week for those 5 years of age and above. This will help identify any individuals who are asymptomatic (i.e. do not have any of the three symptoms as outlined on the NHS and government websites), but could spread the virus to others, and therefore limit the spread across our community. The results of these tests should be reported on the government reporting site:, and any positive results should be reported to the school, using the school office email:

UPDATED: November 2021

We are planning to share our end of term performances, including the nativity, with families IRL (in real life). All families will have received a letter, informing them about the date and time of the performance they are invited to. Please note:

The children are all very excited to be performing to a live audience once again, however it is important that we take all sensible measures that we can. We will keep reviewing the numbers in the local area. Please note, plans may change at short notice. Thank you.

UPDATED: 1st September 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming all our pupils back to school on Thursday - the staff are busy working in school today to prepare for their arrival!

LAST UPDATED: May 18th 2021

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Our Risk Assessment is being updated. There are no major changes for Primary School pupils or staff in the latest Operational Guidance published by the Government on May 10th 2021. The main change is for extra curricular activities, and singing activities.

With the reduction in numbers of infections in the local area, Step 3 of the Roadmap going ahead, and the government Operational Guidance, we are looking to expand the number of extra curricular clubs available for pupils.

Watch this space for further information, as we liaise with our club providers.

Meanwhile, if your child is accessing extra curricular clubs outside of school, it is important to note that it is recommended that they limit the number of clubs they attend in addition to school to just the one. We encourage you to check that the providers have put in place their own protective measures. Please follow the link for the guidance for parents and carers.

get tested

The Community Testing programme has now been opened up to everyone so that it can become part of all our lives as society opens up.

The key message is for everyone to get tested twice a week. There are two options: to attend a testing venue (one of the council LFT venues or pharmacies) or to pick up boxes of tests from a distribution point and do them at home. These will become more numerous in the coming weeks.

All Household contacts of cases of COVID-19 can now access PCR tests to see if they are also infected even if they don’t have symptoms. Around 25 to 40% of household contacts will also be infected and around 15% of non-household contacts will be infected so it is a good idea to get a PCR test as soon as you know that you are a contact.


LAST UPDATED: March 8th 2021

Carole Furlong, Harrow's Director of Public Health has written to all parents in the borough today. The letter has been sent to families by school email, and is saved below. 

Get tested


LAST UPDATED: March 5th 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Monday! Please see the letter we have sent out with more details about plans and procedures in place. The Risk Assessment is also available on the school website.


LAST UPDATED: March 3rd 2021

Please see the letter that has been sent out to every family about welcoming all pupils back to school on Monday 8th March! 

LAST UPDATED: January 3rd 2021

Please see the letter that has been sent out to every family about opening in January for the children of Critical Key Workers and Vulnerable children. There is a link to follow if you need to apply for a place. 

If you need help with devices or internet, please do follow the link or telephone the school office for support. 


LAST UPDATED: Sunday 11th October 2020

A letter has been sent out today to the whole school, and a separate letter to one particular class bubble. We have been informed that there has been one positive case in one class bubble, and this one class will now need to self-isolate, and complete their learning remotely. Please see below for the letters that have been emailed today.

We have kept to class bubbles in school, and the child concerned has not attended any additional after school clubs. Our bubble system means that the child has not been in contact with other pupils from other bubbles. We have followed the government guidance that instructs us that physical distancing is not necessary within a bubble in primary schools.

This means that it is the one class that will need to self-isolate, along with identified members of staff who are classed as a ‘close contact’. If your child is in any other class, they should continue to attend school as usual. 

LAST UPDATED: Friday 2nd October 2020

We are continually monitoring how the staggered start and finish times that we needed to introduce in order to be a COVID safe school are going every day—it is interesting how we are told by some parents that it is fantastic, some that the times are too spread out, and others that they are too close together. We are trying to make this work for everyone! We can all help one another at these times, by:

Together, we can protect each other and the rest of our community.

timings chart

As you know, some schools in Harrow have already needed to close class bubbles, year groups, or send home a small number of pupils to self isolate. We have not yet needed to do this as we haven’t had a positive case. If we are notified that a child (or staff member) has tested positive, we will:

The learning will be posted on dB Primary, either as a tab in the case of whole bubble closure, or it will appear in the pupil’s ‘My Work’ area. 

We are currently reviewing our Remote Learning Policy, and look forward to sharing this shortly with you all.

LAST UPDATED: Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Harrow have sent a reminder about safe travel to school:

travelling to school

LAST UPDATED: Tuesday 1st September 2020

A further letter has been sent to all parents about our return on Thursday 3rd September, and is attached below. Also attached below is a Back to School book which may be useful to share with your child. The school's risk assessment is also included.

LAST UPDATED: Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Stanburn is planning the full reopening of school for September 2020, for all pupils in all year groups.

Please see the letter below, which outlines our plans for September.


LAST UPDATED: Friday 29th May 2020

Stanburn is opening school for groups of children in 'bubbles' for certain year groups. Please see the letters below for further information.


LAST UPDATED: Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Stanburn is open for children of critical key workers, and other certain children, along with schools and academies across England. If you need this childcare provision, please email the school office with your details. We need to know your name, your child's name, your role, why you need the provision, and which days you need the provision. Someone will be in touch. We do need this information to be able to plan - we are operating with a skeleton crew, for the health and well being of our staff. Further guidance is in the letter below, dated Thursday 19th March 2020.

The government guidance continues to be:

If you can keep your child safe at home, then that is the preferable option. Staying at home protects your child, your family, the NHS and the wider community.


Advice published by the government:


As a local community school, we are guided by 

Department for Education Coronavirus

Helpline Number: 0800 046 8687 




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