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"Governors know the school very well and use their expertise to provide challenge and support."



4 parents

Stanburn Primary School Governors

Constitution = 13: 6 parent governors, 4 Co-opted, 1 Local Authority, 1 staff governor, 1 headteacher, 1 associate member

Name Type of governor Appointing body Term dates Committee membership Subjects/areas of responsibility
        Finance & Premises Personnel, resources & communication Curriculum & achievement Other  
Fiona Chan
(Assoc. from Jan 22)
Associate member        
  SEN, CP, safeguarding, PE/sport, (Advisory)
Katherine Hartland Staff Staff 09.10.20 -
Caroline Lansdown Headteacher Ex-officio Ex-officio   Headteacher
Liza Martin (Co-Chair) Co-opted Governing body 01.01.22 – 31.12.25   Performance management/salaries PSHE, Science
Sonal Mistry
(Assoc. from Feb 22)
Associate member     √ (Advisory) √ (Advisory) Salaries (Chair)
Computing-{strategic] (Chair)
French, History, Geography
Steve O’Brien Parent  Parents 17.06.20 -
  √ (V Chair)   Premises, H&S, environment
(Co-leader Science, D&T co-leader)
Jalpa Mehta Parent Parents 17.06.20 -
    D&T, (Maths co-leader)
Jemini Patel LA Local Authority 16.05.21– 15.05.25   √ (Chair) Performance management /salaries (SEN, CP, safeguarding- TBA), English, Art
Krupa Patel Co-opted Governing body 01.01.22 – 31.12.25 √ (V Chair)   Maths, (Geography co-leader)
Minal Patel (Co-chair) Co-opted Governing body 01.01.22 – 31.12.25   Performance management /salaries EYFS, target setting, whistleblowing
Dhanesh Shah Co-opted Governing body 01.01.22 – 31.12.25 √ (Chair)     Salaries & grievance appeals RE, Computing
Vacancy Parent Parents            
Vacancy Parent Parents            
Vacancy Parent Parents            
Vacancy Parent Parents            


Declarations of Interests

GovernorDeclaration of Pecuniary and Personal Interest
Fiona Chan
Member of the Law Society.
Director of consultancy business in health & social care, 
Trustee at CASCAIDr, Legal Advice Charity
Katherine Hartland  N/A
Caroline Lansdown  N/A
Liza Martin (Chair)  N/A
Jalpa Mehta  N/A
Sonal Mistry Member of the Law Society of England and Wales.
Director of consultancy business in Law and IT.
Steve O’Brien  Civil engineering manager.
Jemini Patel  N/A
Krupa Patel  N/A
Minal Patel (Co-chair)  N/A
Dhanesh Shah  N/A

Governor Resignations

GovernorPositionAppointing BodyResignation Date
Farihah Anwar-Simmons Staff Governor Staff 31st Aug 2020

Attendance at Meetings