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Curriculum and Achievement Committee


  1. The committee shall consist of no fewer than two governors plus the Headteacher
  2. The committee may have such co-opted non-voting members as it may decide, subject to prior approval by the governing body.


The quorum shall be two governors plus the Headteacher / nominated deputy


The committee should meet at least once a term and otherwise as required.

Terms of Reference

  1. To support the Headteacher and all staff in the work they are continually undertaking to develop the National Curriculum / Early Years Foundation Stage and to encourage them in any training that will help them to do this.
  2. To uphold the principles of entitlement and access for all children to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, including the National Curriculum / Early Years Foundation Stage
  3. To consider and comment on any policy statements from the Local Authority that are relevant to the curriculum and, in conjunction with the Headteacher, to modify these to suit Stanburn Primary School.
  4. The consider and comment on curriculum policies prepared by the Primary School, including their compatibility with the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage.
  5. To ensure that the Primary School establishes and maintains a four year Development Plan to review and update policy documents in all areas of the curriculum.
  6. The governing body to review the following policies annually: Sex Education, Religious Education, Attendance, Pupil Premium and e-Safety.
  7. To consider and make recommendations to the governing body concerning the disapplication proceedings for pupils with Special Education Needs and Disability in relation to the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage.
  8. To ensure that attendance and progress of all pupils is evaluated
  9. To liaise with the Finance Committee regarding the way in which funds should be allocated in order to maintain and develop the curriculum and achievement.