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Personnel, Resources and Communication Committee


  1. The committee shall consist of new fewer than three governors plus the Headteacher / nominated representative.
  2. The committee may have such co-opted non-voting members as it may decide, subject to prior approval by the governing body.


The quorum shall be three governors plus the Headteacher.


The committee shall meet at least once a year and otherwise as required.

Terms of Reference

This committee shall deal with all school staff, including teaching, clerical, welfare and support staff. Its aims should be:

  1. To select two governor members for shortlisting and two different governors for appointments panels.
  2. For those so selected or any other agreed member, to consider job descriptions and person specifications for any vacancy that may arise in the school, taking into account the recommendations, policies and union agreements of the LEA.
  3. To consider recommendations concerning revised structures and the allocation of incentive allowances.
  4. To consider and review the current staffing allocation, structures and pay levels of teaching and non-teaching staff with relation to allocated budget and curriculum and staffing structures.
  5. To provide support and guidance and to establish and maintain a framework of delegated authority (subject always to the ratification of the governing body) for the Headteacher in respect of the areas defined below.
  6. To provide support and guidance on the school's ICT and communication infrastructure.

Areas of Delegated Authority

Staff Development
Performance Management
Teaching Experience
Staff Handbook

Pay and Conditions
Job Descriptions
Conditions of Service
Directed Time
Pay Policy

Staff Management
Leave of Absence
Absence Cover
Supply Staff
Health and Safety
Staffing Levels
Structure and Deployment

General Communication