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Healthy School

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Healthy Schools London Gold Award

We are committed to the health and well-being of all pupils and we encourage parents to be partners in this initiative. Stanburn Primary School achieved the Gold Award for Healthy London Schools in September 2017. Children are encouraged to walk to school, drink water and eat healthily. Wider school activities and the curriculum serve to underpin our ethos for a healthier lifestyle for all.

Daily Fruit

Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are provided with a fresh piece of fruit each day, to be eaten mid-morning. Children in Key Stage 2 are encouraged to bring in a fruit or vegetable snack to eat during their first break time.


Children can choose to have a cooked meal or bring in a packed lunch. Nutritionally balanced meals are provided by Radish Catering. Packed lunches should also be nutritionally well balanced and must not include sweets, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks or drinks in glass containers. As a number of children have allergies we have a strict no nut product policy.

The trails and climbing frames are great opportunities for children of all ages to develop their physical skills beyond PE lessons.

Sports coaches, Playground Buddies and SMSAs organise skills and games with pupils at lunchtimes.


In addition to the playground markings and climbing frames, there are games tables for children to play Chess, Ludo and Snakes and Ladders. In Key Stage 2 there is a running track and clock to encourage the children to participate in a ‘daily mile’ challenge.


Children grow flowers and vegetables at various points in the year, as part of their learning in science. In the spring and summer terms, there is also a weekly gardening club. Picture1

Stanburn has now achieved the silver level for the Green Tree School Award. The award is run by the Woodland Trust and acknowledges schools for completing environmental projects and encouraging outdoor learning. The award is a fantastic way to enhance our school's green credentials while inspiring pupils about woods and trees. We reached silver by demonstrating ways we are reducing our CO2 emission around the school and sharing examples of our outdoor learning.

Healthy Living Week

In June, the school celebrates Healthy Living Week with a picnic for the children in Key Stage 1. The Healthy Helper Pupil Leaders engage pupils in taking part in additional physical activities, with mini competitions.

Change for Life

Our Change for Life clubs run weekly and aim to help children develop a healthy, active lifestyle.