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Harrow Schools Counselling Partnership


The Harrow Schools Counselling Partnership is working to improve the emotional wellbeing of children, parents and staff by working with the whole school community.

For children ...


Georgina has led assemblies this year reminding all pupils about "The Space", and how it can be 'good to talk'.

Pupils have been able to attend assemblies along the theme of 'Flip your Lid' Encouraging Reflection, led by our school counsellor, Caterina. Age appropriate slides and explanations have helped pupils to develop their understanding of what happens when they experience strong emotions and begin to develop some strategies to help them with this. 

The Space

We have a lunchtime drop-in every Thursday called The Space for children who feel vulnerable in the playground or who have something that is concerning them. This is a place where they can come and talk alone or with a friend about their worries. The service is provided by the Harrow Schools’ Counselling Partnership. Play therapy is also available for some pupils. Georgina or Ros will help your child to talk through their concerns, listen to them and offer them strategies to help them work out what to do.

If you do not want your child to use this service, please let us know.

For Parents ...

Workshops/Coffee Mornings

As part of the Harrow Schools Counselling Partnership, a number of open coffee mornings and workshops are held over the course of the year. Please see newsletters and events for further details. 

The slides from the recent Parents' workshop: 'Flip your lid' Encouraging Reflection are available below. 

Parents Drop In

As part of the Harrow Schools Counselling Partnership, there will be a regular Parent’s Drop-In at Stanburn Primary School between 9-10am on Thursdays. This is a strictly confidential space in which you may discuss any concerns you have about your child(ren) and/or receive emotional support due to difficulties that may be going on in your life e.g. bereavement, separation, stress, anxiety. If you would like to attend or would like more information contact our therapist, Georgina.

To make an appointment contact

Name: Georgina Wilkinson

Tel: 07901 000 609


or leave message with the school office and she will get back to you.

For Staff ...

Staff Training

The Harrow Schools Counselling Partnership has run a number of training sessions for staff, as part of their continuing professional development, including work on 'Flip your Lid' Encouraging Reflection,  Active Listening and Attachment Theory.