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PE and Sport Premium Funding

2130A2F2D109D95998C104A2DBBDDBE7We are proud of our PE curriculum at Stanburn Primary School. We aim to create a learning environment where every child is physically confident and able to find something that they are good at and enjoy. The Government is providing funding to improve physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools over a number of academic years. This academic year the government has allocated £22,960 for PESP. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, and Media and Sport. These see money going directly to primary school Head Teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children.

Previous funding has been allocated towards developing our outdoor area as a school, and developing the sports provision that we provide at our school. Each year, the grant will be going towards promoting physical activity through these projects as well as others. 

These plans include:

The impact of this funding will be measured through:


PESP plan – Academic Year 2018-2019





Area of Focus

Action Plan

Funding Breakdown


Proposed impact


Actual impact

1. Staff CPD-teaching and learning

- Work alongside High school links to provide support for teachers. 


-Non-stop action (gymnastics and dance)



-J and C academy (SMSAs)



- P.E. Hub (Planning)













PE Co-ordinator

- Staff training to enhance teaching and learning of PE.

-Children engaged in lessons.

- Pupils to make good progress in lessons.

-Positive pupil feedback about PE lessons.

-Ensure staff are aware of curriculum map and are following the PE curriculum map.




- Improved confidence with the delivery of high quality PE lessons in Gymnastics. (100% of staff supported more confident in the teaching and learning of gymnastics)

-All staff reported a confidence in use of using gymnastics equipment in lessons.

-Lesson observations carried out of the teaching and learning of physical education. This showed the positive impact of the support. Staff more confident and lessons judged as ‘good’

-PE hub planning offers needed support for staff. PE hub used by 85% of staff, all of whom have reported positively. Impact of this is also evident in the lesson ‘drop ins’ of PE teaching and learning.

-100% of SMSAs reported an increased confidence in engaging children in activities at lunch times


2. Enhanced provision of PE skills

-Sessions for dance (Dance stables) for Harrow Dance showcase.



- Participation in inter and intra sporting competitions.













PE Co-ordinator

-Increase participation of children being active.

-Increase participation of children in intra and inter sport competitions.

-Positive pupil feedback about participation in competitions.  

-Carry out a intra school gymnastics competition (Year 5 &6)

-Positive pupil feedback from children.

-Children to acquire new skills and developing existing ones.

-Keeping up to date record of children attending competitions. This number to increase from last year.



-Photographic and qualitative evidence collected to show the positive impact of continuing participation in interschool competitions.

-Number of inter and intra school competitions attended increased.


3. Clubs

-School to provide a range of extracurricular after school clubs throughout the year

- Increase variety of after school clubs offered

-Continue to provide ‘girls only’ sessions at lunch time


PE Co-ordinator

- Number of children participating in lunch time clubs to increase.

- Children to enjoy lunch time activities.

- An increase in girls taking part in activities during lunch times.

- Identified children to provide positive feedback/opinion of sports.





- Pupil participation in extracurricular and physical activity increased from 54% to 61% by July.

- Increase in number of clubs offered this year from 4 to 6 clubs offered.

-Girls only dance sessions saw in increase in physical activity (from 28% to 32%)

4. Inter school competitions

-Transport to competitions


PE Co-ordinator

- Increase number of children who participate in interschool competitions.




-Number of competitions entered increased, number of pupils participating in these increased.

5. Subject leader release time (including time for observations)

-Review of teaching and learning in PE.




PE Co-ordinator

-Children make good progress in lessons during observations.

-  Children engaged and active in PE lessons.

- Positive pupil feedback about PE lessons.



-Ongoing support for gymnastics is needed.

-Teaching in Dance is an area of development for staff.

-Lesson observations carried out. Lessons showed an improvement of PE teaching and learning. They also highlighted staff confidence.         

Harrow Sports SLA

-PE Lead and PE assistant to attend PE meetings.

-PE Lead to highlight CPD opportunities to staff.

-Join Youth Sports Trust.


PE Co-ordinator

-Staff to attend CPD to support the delivery of their PE lessons.

-Staff/governors kept up to date with changes in PE.

- Children to participate in inter school competitions in the borough.



- Number of inter and intra school competitions attended increased. Last academic year we attended 5 competitions. This academic year we have attended 7.

- Positive feedback from all the children who attended all the sporting competitions.