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PESP Plan and Spending Plan 2014-2015





Proposed Impact

Actual Impact

To provide lunch time activities for children.  

United in Sport to provide a range of sporting activities for children. 


PE Co-ordinator

  • Children more active at lunch times.

  • Children have a range of activities they can do during lunch times. 

  • 35% of children now taking part in lunch time activities in KS1 and KS2 playgrounds. 

2. Change for Life Clubs.

Allocate PE team member to set up, plan and run in KS1. 


Buy change for life resource pack.


PE Co-ordinator

  • Children in KS1 identified to access change for life clubs.

  • Children encouraged having a healthier life style.

  • Children, who are less confident, have more confidence in class. 

  • 75% of children reported a more ‘positive attitude’ towards physical activity. 

3. Set up Sports Leaders in Year 5

Register identified children with Sports Leaders 


PE Co-ordinator

  • Playmaker award enables children to build leadership skills in PE. 

  • 60% of children are now a playground buddy or part of the Sporting Crew.

4. Playground buddy equipment.

Purchase equipment for children to engage in other lunch time activities. 


Set up Year 6 children and Sports Leaders from last year to lead new playground buddies for Sept 2015. 


T-shirts for playground buddies to be easily identifiable on the playground. 





PE Co-ordinator

  • More children to engage in activities during lunch times. 

  • SMSA’s to monitor and highlight positive impact. 

•95% of dinner ladies reported a positive impact on having a buddy system.

•An increase in children engaging during lunch times is evident and will continue to monitor progress of this. 

5.  Maintain equipment in KS1 and KS2 halls. Health and safety. 


Update and purchase PE equipment

Update and replace any equipment. 


Check resources and update







PE Co-ordinator

  • Children using safe equipment during lessons. 

  • Rope replacement

  • Nesting tables ordered. 

  • Superlight mats for KS2 hall. 

  • Hurdles for athletics

  • Footballs, balance boards, relay batons, reaction balls, play bats, playground balls, ball sacks. 

  • Gymnastics equipment-Throw down spots, Pop up tunnels, rubber quoits, bean bags, cones, agility ladders.

  • 56% of children reported a positive impact of new equipment in lessons. 

6. Safe storage of equipment 

Check storage and purchase shed for storage for KS1 playground. 


PE Co-ordinator

  • Safe storage of equipment. 

  • 100% of teachers reported having easier access to equipment and more equipment which in turns helps deliver the PE curriculum.