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Travel to School

At Stanburn, we are very aware of the increase of traffic along the roads around the school during the ‘school run’. This increase in school run traffic impacts on the risk of accidents to children, as well as contributing to traffic congestion and air pollution. It is also detrimental to children’s health and the local environment. Added to this, there is also the loss of opportunities for children to acquire the necessary skills to be streetwise and lead a healthier lifestyle through walking and cycling.

Many of our families live within a short distance of the school. The Active Travel Map, illustrated below, shows options for walking, public transport and bikeability for the area surrounding Stanburn.

active travel map

Our pupils have reported that over the recent ‘lockdowns’, many of them were able to enjoy taking walks with members of their families. Our Active 30:30 initiative encourages pupils to be active for at least 30 minutes each day, beyond the school day. Walking to School, or taking an ‘active journey’ to school can be an idea way to achieve this, creating good habits for a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

At Stanburn, we have been part of the walk to school initiative for some time – we would like all parents to be involved in our community to support this for a healthier and environmentally friendlier lifestyle, and join in the growing number of those taking active journeys to school.

Your active journey to school could be:
by bike
on a scooter (manual)
taking the bus

Please see below some links to other websites, and some documents, to help you decide how you can contribute to making the roads around school safer, and the journeys we make healthier for our children, families and staff, and better for the environment too!

Harrow Road

Maintenance and Travel


TfL journey planner

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We are Cycling UK

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roadwise logo

Brake - Road Safety Charity

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Living Streets

living streets

 Mobility Action



Vehicle Idling Action

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We have been, and continue to be, busy promoting safer and healthier journeys to school. Some of the activities we have promoted recently include: