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Vision and Aims

‘Believe Achieve Succeed – Learning without limits’ sums up our vision and values.

Our Vision

This is a school community that works together with the common purpose of building confidence in all our children so that they set their sights high, achieve to the best of their ability and try to succeed in all that they do.

We strive for excellence and aim to inspire and challenge all our children to learn skills, develop passions and reach heights they could not imagine!

Senior leaders have created a clear vision and direction for the school with a new set of values, ‘learning without limits’. OFSTED

Alongside this, we have an ethos of inclusion and high expectations for all, and a strong commitment to the holistic care, nurture and development of well-rounded pupils.

We believe that happy children, who feel safe, are best placed to learn and to enjoy contributing to all aspects of school life. In this way, they are more likely to reach their full potential and be ready for the next stage of their lives.

Our Aims

Stanburn Primary School Charter

The ethos at Stanburn reflects our commitment  to the United Nations Convention on the  Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and dedication  to achieving the Rights Respecting School  Award. The culture of Stanburn’s practice and  approach is based upon these values.

Stanburn Primary LogoStanburn Primary SchoolStanburn Primary Logo

Our Rights and Responsibilities

We have the right to:

  • An education that develops our personalities and talents so we can achieve our full potential (Article 28 & 29);
  • Express our opinions and be listened to (Article 12 & 13);
  • Celebrate our own cultures and practise our own religions (Article 14 & 30);
  • Relax and play (Article 31);
  • Be protected from harm and feel safe (Article 19).

We respect these rights by:

  • Trying our best at all times and celebrating our own, and others, achievements
  • Listening and talking to people in a well- mannered way
  • Respecting each other’s differences
  • Playing safely and happily with each other and take responsibility for our own actions
  • Treating people how we would want to be treated.