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Tracking, monitoring and evaluation of pupil's attainment and progress takes place through careful questioning, marking and talking to children about their learning. We use a mixture of formative and summative assessment. This supports teachers' planning of the curriculum and enables areas for development to be swiftly addressed.

We expect the vast majority of children to make at least expected progress in an academic year, although we aim to take this further by ensuring children have a secure and deep level of understanding of learning in each subject. 

Key Learning Objectives for each year group can be found below:

Children who make excellent progress are expected to broaden their depth of understanding. Teachers will provide enrichment and challenge activities linked to the assessment criteria for their current year in order to extend their understanding. 

Children who need support may work within the assessment criteria for previous year groups. Teachers will use their knowledge of the child’s learning to address gaps in understanding so that the child is able to work towards the current year group expectations as soon as possible.

How do we report to parents/carers?
  • Parents Consultation evenings – Autumn, Spring and Summer;
  • Meetings arranged as appropriate where concerns or worries have arisen;
  • End of year annual reports (July).