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Our Staff

Senior Leadership


Leadership & Management

Ms E. D'Souza

Ms D'Souza has worked in education for over 25 years, the last 10 of which have been in school leadership. Her expertise lies in empowering staff to be the best they can be through targeted coaching and mentoring. She believes in pursuing excellence in all aspects of school life to ensure all pupils, regardless of background or prior ability, receive an outstanding education.

Deputy Headteacher

Quality of Education

Mrs L. Walsh

Mrs Walsh has worked in primary schools across several local authorities for over a decade. She believes the key to successful education is the ability to promote high standards whilst maintaining an atmosphere where pupils and staff feel valued. Her passion is ensuring every child receives the highest quality of education enabling them to achieve their potential. 
Assistant Headteacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead / Personal Development

Miss K. Patel

Miss Patel has worked in education and Stanburn Primary School for 16 years, specialising in safeguarding and pastoral care for pupils. She strives for all pupils to achieve their greatest aspirations and works with a range of agencies to support personal development for all pupils and families.

Assistant Headteacher

Behaviour & Attitudes / School Operations

Mrs R. Malik

Mrs Malik has worked in education for 13 years with experience in both KS1 and KS2.  She believes in leading by example and supporting those around her. She strives to build confidence in pupils, instilling good values and believes that all pupils can succeed and achieve their full potential.

Assistant Headteacher

SENDCo / Inclusion

Miss C. Crane

Miss Crane has worked at Stanburn for 14 years. Her love lies in Early Years, where she believes early intervention and parent partnership can directly impact the development of lifelong learning skills. Leading on Inclusion through a multi-agency approach, she is committed to ensuring that every child receives the additional support they may need to succeed.‚Äč

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Raising Standards

Mrs K. Hartland

Mrs Hartland is an experienced KS2 class teacher and middle leader who has worked in Harrow since 2011. She has a keen interest in raising standards through quality first teaching and assessment, ensuring every child succeeds across all areas of the curriculum. She has a strong grasp of the end of KS2 assessment requirements, having successfully led Year 6 for a number of years.

Middle Leadership

Reception Year Lead

Mr D. Michael

Year 1 Lead

Mr T Lyon

Year 2 Lead

Miss N. McGrath

Year 3 Lead

Miss J. Allen

Year 4 Lead

Miss C. McDonald

Year 5 Lead

Mr A. Joanides

Year 6 Lead

Mrs K. Hartland


Reception Team

Mr D. Michael, Mrs S. Syed, Miss C. Holgate, Mrs K Hewett

Year 1 Team

Mr T. Lyon, Ms D. Hall, Miss D. Bertram, Miss D. Karsan

Year 2 Team

Miss N. McGrath, Miss B. Lindo, Miss J Nicholas

Year 3 Team

Miss J. Allen, Miss H. Ismael, Miss D. Sookdele 9maternity), Mrs A. Adiraju, Mr M. Makwana

Year 4 Team

Miss C. McDonald, Mrs I. Ibrahim, Mr D. Rafferty, Mrs S. Bryan-Okenla

Year 5 Team

Mr A. Joanides, Miss G. Raine, Miss R. Ryan, Mr S. Ahmadi

Year 6 Team

Mrs K Hartland, Mrs P. Kotecha, Miss L. Guildea, Miss A. Gilani

KS2 Computing Teacher

Mrs G. Clemens

P.E / French Teachers

Mr I. Ehui, Mr J. Ehui

Cover Teacher

Miss M. Lambie

Teaching Support Staff

Learning Mentor

Ms K. McDonough

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Ms M. Bardoli, Mrs A. Hajibey, Ms A. Qazi, Mrs T. Shyzad

Pupil Wellbeing Mentor

Ms S Adamson
Learning Support Assistants

Mrs S. Gulamali, Mrs B. Shah, Mrs N.Mohamed Akram, Mrs F. Nashura Hammeed, Mrs M. Ruda, Mrs A. Jiwani, Mrs K. Patel,  Mrs G. Varsani, Mrs K. Chalk, Mrs S. Patel, Mrs F. Mohamed Firdaus, Mrs F. Shah Mrs D. Murray, Mrs N. Osman, Mrs J. Kundel, Mrs U. Subathiran, Mrs S. Thobhani, Mrs S. Farooqui, Miss J. Sawyers, Ms M. Andrade, Mrs R.  Jones, Mr O. Parkinson-Best, Mrs S. Jolly, Ms L. Forno, Mrs S. Easwaran, Mrs N. Bhimani, Mrs N. Lakhani, Mrs S. Malik, Mrs A. Virani, Miss A. Baptist

Administrative Staff

School Business Manager

Mrs E. Anyia

Human Resources Business Officer

Mrs H. Miyanger

Admissions and Attendance Officer

Ms A. Joshi

Administrator / P.A to the Headteacher

Mrs S. Thevanesan

Finance Assistant

Mrs H. Patel
School Receptionist / Administrator

Ms D Skenderaj

Support Staff

Welfare Assistant

Mrs S. Shah & Mrs J. Patel

Premises Staff

 Mr D. Patel (Supervisor), Mr L. DaCunha, Mr B. Dickens 
Before / After School Care Assistants

Mrs K. McDonough (Supervisor), Mrs D. Murray, Mrs H.Shah, Mrs A. Jiwani, Mrs B. Shah,  Mrs U. Subathiran, Mrs F. Mohamed Firdaus

Midday Supervisors (SMSAs)

Mrs U. Subathiran, Mrs N. Bhimani (Supervisors)  Mrs F. Shah, Mrs S. Cheung, Mrs D. Murray, Mrs L. Mohanaranjan, Mrs P. Odedra, Mrs N. Osman, Mrs H. Patel, Mrs K. Patel, Mrs R. Ramaiya, Mrs B. Shah, Mrs H. Shah, Mrs J. Shah, Mrs B. Shah, Mrs S. Shah, Mrs B. Shah, Miss R. Stewart, Mrs S. Vakaria, Mrs S. Ghasemi (occasional) Mrs O. Walsh, Miss J.Berry, Mrs A. Corman, Mrs L. Ionesi, Mrs S Siddiqui