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Our Values

These guiding principles are fundamental to everyone at Stanburn: mutual respect, kindness, and optimism. We are a vibrant school community where we learn about, and celebrate the wonderful differences that all our children and staff bring to our school. Our children have rich and wonderful lives ahead of them filled with opportunities. We teach our children to focus on the possibility that each day brings and, most of all, to look out and care for one another.

Our Learning Behaviours

We teach all our children to be curious, developing awe and wonder through asking questions and posing hypotheses.  Success is not always easily achieved, so we develop resilience to setbacks with a try-again approach. We use P.E., sport and music to teach our children that in order to be good at something, you have to practise and work hard. And we encourage group discussion and collaboration, allowing children to develop and refine their ideas with their peers. Our curriculum is tailored towards developing these learning behaviours to prepare our children to be independent learners and successful in society.