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Our Vision

Believe Achieve Succeed - Learning without limits

Every child at Stanburn is special.

We believe that it is our duty to bring out the best in every child, through an understanding of what they need to succeed at each stage of their development. Our curriculum is carefully tailored to develop solid foundations in the earliest years, building on and enriching this year on year. We strive for academic excellence through developing our children's ability to work hard and complement this with a rich curriculum offer which includes music, sport, drama and competition. 

Our children's social, emotional and mental development is of equal importance to us. Therefore, at Stanburn, we offer a bespoke wellbeing package to all our children. Every child is taught how to regulate their emotions both in and out of the classroom. We teach our children the vocabulary to articulate their feelings, including how to ask for help. We employ two full-time, trained wellbeing mentors who offer a range of support from informal chats in the playground to formalised counselling sessions.

Pupils leave us in Year 6 as well-rounded individuals, ready for the next stage of their education. We are always incredibly proud of what our children achieve and, more importantly, who they become.  You can always recognise a Stanburn Star; they are confident, articulate, optimistic and kind.