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About the clubs

Article 31

You have the right to play and rest.

Our aim is to provide a safe, happy and enjoyable environment for your child before and after school hours. Your child’s happiness, wellbeing and safety are very important to us and with this in mind we ensure our resources are age specific and relevant. We provide opportunities for creativeness, play and exploration. All our staff are CRB checked, well trained and some of them will be known to you as they currently work in Stanburn Primary School during the normal working day.

A range of stimulating and fun activities are available to suit all ages, including arts and crafts, cooking, puzzles, reading, construction toys, role play, TV, board games, book corner, cars, dolls etc. There are also visits to the School library, the ICT Suite and children will be given opportunities to do Home Learning. Outdoor play features high on the list for many children and we ensure outdoor play is available every evening dependent on weather conditions. During the term we also organise some outdoor team games, i.e. cricket, rounders, football, races etc, nature walks and visits to the trail.

All children are encouraged to take part in all activities, indoors and outdoors, but are free to choose whether they wish to participate or not.

When your child starts at our club we carry out an induction programme to ensure your child is settled, happy and knows our fire/emergency evacuation procedures. All children learn about the Club Rules which are displayed in the hall.