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Attendance News 22.10.2021

Attendance at school continues to be really important. Pupils who arrive on time, with regular attendance, are in the best position to settle, feel secure and comfortable with their class, and follow the steps and progression in learning through each lesson and learning journey. Well done to 4Azure and 6Platinum with attendance over 97%, and have the best attendance this half term!


Attendance News 2.10.2020

Well done to everyone who has made such a great start to the new academic year! It has been great to see our pupils all back in school, happy to be here, and to read parents’ comments on our recent survey. These comments mean so much to the staff who have been working hard to ensure that your children feel safe, welcome and ready to learn.

Thank you for all the extra work you have done to keep the school open and as safe as possible for the
children. The parents and pupils appreciate it!”

“Many thanks to all the teachers and staff for making the coming back so seamless. Heartfelt

This week, our attendance across the school has been 97%, which is great to see—well done!

Please remember, if your child is unwell, you do still need to contact the school office, by telephone, or email: to explain why

Attendance News 2.3.2020

Congratulations to both 3Dijon and 5Violet, who both have 98% attendance for the last half term—well done, and keep it up!
We are, of course, half way through the school year now, which is a great time to stop and reflect on our attendance for each class. As illustrated in the chart (left) 3Dijon are the class with the highest attendance since September—well done! Many other classes also have attendance over 97%, which is fantastic to see.

attendance sept 2019 feb half term 2020


Attendance News 31.1.2020

Congratulations to 1Poppy, who have the best attendance recorded for January, with nearly 98% attendance. Well done 1Poppy!
Year 3 are doing very well with their attendance since September: 3Saffron and 3Dijon both have over 97% since the beginning of the school year, as does 4Azure. Well done to all three classes.
Good attendance and punctuality is essential for children’s progress and achievement. Good punctuality (being on time) demonstrates respect - for school rules, for teachers, and towards the other children in the class. Children who are continually late are missing out on important parts of the school day, such as social interactions with their peers, settling down into the school day, the opportunity for a private chat with their teacher - and even just taking the time to settle down and sort out the equipment and resources they need, rather than feeling rushed.
Remember, school gates open at 8.30am (KS2) and 8.35am (KS1) so there is no need to be late!

Attendance News 17.1.2020

What a great start to the new year for so many of you! Congratulations to 1Rose, 5Amethyst and 5Violet who have the best attendance records for the first two weeks of January, with 99% attendance!. Keep it up everyone! Which class will take the lead in for the whole of the month of January? So far for this school year 3Dijon and 5Amethyst are both leading the way with 98% attendance!
Remember, 90% attendance over the year equates to 4 weeks of missed lessons, or half a day missed every single week!
This would have a massive impact on a child’s learning. If you would like any support or advice around your child’s attendance in school, please call the office to make an appointment.

Attendance News 19.12.2019

Congratulations to REmerald, 3Dijon and 4Azure who all have over 98% attendance for the Autumn Term. This is fantastic news, and these pupils will have taken every opportunity in their learning and are in the best possible position to make great progress, as well as having fun with their friends in school! Also well done to 3Safforn, 5Amethyst, 5Orchid and 6Platinum who are all really close to 98% too! We look forward to seeing all of you next term, nice
and prompt, at 8.30am/8.35am!

Attendance News 15.11.2019

Congratulations to 1Poppy, 4Sapphire and 6Platinum who have the best attendance records for the whole of October. Keep it up everyone! Which class will take the lead in November?! So far for this school year 1Poppy, 3Dijon, 4Sapphire, 5Amethyst, 5Orchid, 5Violet and 6Platinum are all leading the way with 96% attendance!
Remember, 90% attendance over the year equates to 4 weeks of missed lessons, or half a day missed every single week! This would have a massive impact on a child’s learning. If you would like any support or advice around your child’s attendance in school, please call the office to make an appointment.

Attendance News 18.7.2019

The Government target for school attendance is 97%.
Currently Stanburn Primary school has an overall
attendance rate of 96%. The class with the best
attendance for the whole year is 3Dijon with 97.2%, well

attendance 2018 2019

 Attendance News 1.7.2019

Attendance and punctuality are essential to ensuring that your child gets the most out of their time at school. They are also important life skills that your child will need as they become young adults and enter the world of work.
Please ensure that your child arrives in time for the start of school. Children in KS2 can be dropped off at Elm Gate from 8.30 onwards, for an 8.45 start, so there is really no reason for anyone to be habitually late. Pupils in KS1 can be dropped at Pine Gate from 8.35 for an 8.50 start.
Late arrivals are disruptive for the child who is late - it will take them time to settle into the school day. It is also disruptive for the other pupils who will have begun lessons. 

Attendance News 3.5.2019

Well done to 3Dijon who had the highest attendance for last half term across KS2, with 98.7% attendance. Well done to 1Rose and 2Tangerine, who had the highest attendance for the last half term across KS1, with 97.7% attendance. Well done to 1Poppy, 3Saffron and 5Violet, who had the best punctuality in this term, with the fewest number of ‘lates’ recorded.

Stanburn Primary School aims to ensure that all children receive an education that maximises opportunities for each pupil to realise their full potential. This also means being in school on time, to not miss any learning time! Being on time for school every day is very important for your child’s emotional health and well-being. It sets up good routines for them, not only for school, but for the world of work. The gates for KS2 open at 8.30am - teaching staff are in classrooms, ready to help pupils and speak with them about their learning. This time provides an opportunity for children to have 1:1 conversations with their teacher, do improvement comments or complete fun, brain teaser type activities. All KS2 pupils should be settled in their rooms by 8.45am. The gates for KS1 open at 8.35am. Year 2 staff are in the classrooms, ready to help their pupils and speak with them about their learning. All EYFS and KS1 pupils should be in school by 8.50am.The chart shows the huge impact regularly being late has on a child’s learning. Remember, being late impacts not just on the learning of the child who is late, but also the other children in the class, as the teacher helps the late-comer settle and catches them up with what they have missed. If there is a particular reason why you are finding it difficult to arrive to school on time, please discuss this with your child’s class teacher, Ms Holliday (DHT, Attendance Lead) or Ms Joshi (Admissions and Attendance Officer).

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