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Home Learning

dB Primary

Available to all year groups.

dB Primary is an online learning platform which allows students from our school to access information provided by teachers. This is a safe community for them to play learning games and interact with their peers. The activities tab has an exhaustive range of educational learning games for children to play and practise their knowledge. The school has given your child access to their year group community which consists of information specifically from their teachers, alongside the music and library communities. 

There are three different layouts depending on the year your child is in below are images which outline where you will be able to find certain information. 

Reception and Year 1

Db R and Y1

Year 2 and Year 3

Db Y2 and Y3

 Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

Db Y4 5 6

This is the attached link to the website, please click and sign in:

Stanburn dBprimary

Active Learn

Available to all year groups. Please remember the school code is: stfi

Active learn allows children access to various resources which have been set by their teachers to help progress in their learning.

ActiveLearn Homepage

This is the attached link to the website, please click and sign in:

Active Learn

Education City

Available for all year groups. Please remember to add .310 after your username.

This site allows children to access to educational games for english, maths and science.

EducationCity Homepage

This is the attached link to the website, please click and sign in:

Education City

Times Tables Rock Stars and Numberbots

Available for all year groups.

TTRockstars allows children to create an avatar and earn money to buy items for their avatar through using their times tables knowledge. There are different modes within the game to allow the children to practice, compete against one another and compete against other primary school students across the world. 

NumBots has been designed with the mastery approach in mind. In Story Mode pupils have 18 different stages to work through, starting with 'Rust' and ending with 'Diamond'. In each stage there are numerous levels which pupils will earn stars and coins for completing. The more accurate and faster their answers, the more stars and coins they will get.

This is the attached link to the website, please click and sign in:

TT Rock Stars


Busy Things

Available for all year groups.

The children can also access BusyThings from home with their LGfL login. This is done using the same login as education city, the child's username with .310 and their password.


Busy Things

Discovery Learning

Pupil home access is available with your Espresso subscription:

Stanburn Primary School



Log in at:

When visiting the website, click "Login" from the top-right of
the page and select Espresso to enter the above credentials.

The pupil account is unique to your school and should be shared privately with parents. Resources are suitable for Reception to Year 6.

Discovery Education picture 1


Discovery picture 2

 Discovery Picture 3



The BBC are also increasing their offer, through both their websites, iPlayer and the red button. 

BBC Press Office



Audible - the story reading app has been advertising that users can access stories for free.

Please follow the link to the article in the Radio Times:

White Rose Maths

white rose maths logo full

When in school, we do use White Rose Maths resources. We have heard some fantastic things about these new resources that they are providing each day, so do follow the link if you are looking for more maths, and then select the appropriate year group. Have fun with your maths learning!