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Leadership Roles

Pupils seize opportunities to take on roles and responsibilities.OFSTED

We provide a number of opportunities for children to demonstrate and develop leadership skills. Children of all ages are encouraged to show responsibility and initiative, and to think of others. 

Article 15

You have the right to choose your own friends, and join or set up groups, as long as it isn't harmful to others.

Pupil Parliament

We have an active Pupil Parliament, which allows the children to play an important role in shaping the school. They meet regularly, with a member of staff, to share responses from their individual classes; this way, all pupils in the school have a voice, learning about democracy. The members of Pupil Parliament are voted for each academic year by their class mates. They have, in recent years, been involved in:

Classroom Monitors

Within each class, pupils are given the opportunity to take responsibility for different areas within the school day and environment. This can vary from being 'Book Monitor', 'Door Monitor' among many others. 


Pupils apply for, and given the role of prefects in Year 6 if they have demonstrated the expected behaviours and attitudes in school on a consistent basis. This role is a real area of responsibility, and they work closely with a member of SLT, creating their own rota system for the various roles that they have around school. They are expected to be role models of the highest standard, and are able to award house points and Prefect Award certificates to pupils they observe displaying these behaviours around school.

Playtime Buddies

Playground buddies have the responsibility for running activities for children during lunch times. They provide a range of equipment for children to play with and try to engage everyone by encouraging less active children to be involved. They act as role models of behaviour and friendship for children in the school.

Sports Crew

The Sports Crew team are responsible for running and organising additional activities at lunch and break times - some with a competitive edge! They act as role models to other children in demonstrating team spirit and good sporting behaviour. By definition, good sporting behaviour means playing a game by the rules, respecting those rules, and being courteous to teammates, the referee, and the other team. A good sport may be unhappy about losing a game or match, but they won’t take out their unhappiness on the other team. Good sports remain calm and respectful and think about how they can improve their performance the next time. On the other hand, the good sport who is ahead on points when the game ends also remains respectful and does not gloat or brag. Keeping score does infuse some level of competition, yet respecting others and the game itself should be the highest priority. Our Sports Crew team are expected to demonstrate these traits!

Rights Rangers

Rights Rangers work as a team to help fellow pupils understand their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to help encourage rights respecting behaviour in our school. They work on a school, community, national and global scale to ensure the rights of children everywhere are being realised through a variety of activities. Their work helps put a rights respecting ethos at the centre of our school community, which is also essential to achieving the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Award.

House Captains 

House captains lead their houses in a variety of activities across the school. They are encouraged to take the lead in organising competitions across the school. They have the responsibility for collating the house points collected each week. 


Librarians are responsible for running the school library, including checking books in and out to pupils, tidying the library, promoting reading and recommending books, and running clubs which have included Debating, Storytelling, and Book Art.

Digital  Leaders

Digital Leaders lead and promote online safety in the school by completing a Digital Leaders training programme and running events, quizzes and assemblies for other pupils. They participate in Webinars with key industry figures to discuss online safety in the wider world, including Lego UK, Google, and YouTube. 


This group of pupils lead on our recycling campaign across the school. They collect recycling, and advise on other issues - for example, turning out lights and so on. 

Social Mentors

These pupils work closely with adults leading the social skills groups, giving support and developing their own skills of empathy, collaboration and co-operation at the same time. 

Healthy Helpers

These pupils work closely with our Healthy Schools Lead, helping with the collection of packed lunch audits, and helping out at lunch time service. They also collaborate with the buddies at times, encouraging a higher level of engagement in physical activities at break times. 

Junior Travel Ambassadors

These pupils work with our Travel Champion, and have been a fantastic resource in developing our Walk to School Weeks, Anti Idling Event, and others. See our Travel to School page for further details.