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Pupil Parliament

Article 12

You have the right to give your opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously.

We have an active Pupil Parliament, which allows the children to play an important role in shaping the school.

Pupils from Year 2 - Year 6 are voted by their peers from each class to represent their views and opinions at Pupil Parliament. Pupil Parliament representatives consult their class and bring ideas to the group, which meets regularly at lunchtimes. The consultations with their classes are vital, and enable every pupil to have a voice, and experience democracy at work first-hand.

They meet regularly to discuss various issues in school. Pupil Parliament have recently taken a lead in:

Pupil Parliament members for 2021-2022:

Abbas, Maryam, Umama, Adam, Saliha, Jai, Sia, Hassan, Ansh, Dhruv, Siya, Hridaan, Heshi, Jainai, Sara, Zoe, Sulayman, Aid, Anjali, Sienna, Sahil, Natalia, Saathuriyan, Zayaan, Saffiya, Noah, Tamia, Frederica, Jalal, Diya, Shay, Arianna, Sohaib, Aman, Aria, Ariella, Shiv, Niam, Tia