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Geography Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map 2016/17 - Geography

Year Group

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Who Do We Think We Are?

Take One Year

Let’s Go On An Adventure



Everybody’s Building

Identify the UK, where their family comes from and countries around the world

Seasonal + daily weather in UK

UK facts

Compass directions and directional language



Key physical features of landscape


Huff and Puff

Dolphins, Dinosaurs and Dragons

Heating Up and Cooling Down!

Elegant Elizabethans


Move It

Key human features of settlements

Fieldwork around school / grounds / surrounding environment e.g. pond, playground, field, building

Hot and cold areas of the world

World facts – continents and oceans. Contrasting the UK with a non-European country: Tobago 


Contrasting locations: UK and Australia (Amy Johnson link)


Going Underground



Opposites Attract

South of the Border

Physical geography – volcanoes and earthquakes



Compasses, map work, grid references, keys and orienteering activities. 

Human and physical geog: South America (Brazil)

Contrasting locality: Scotland and South America


It’s All Greek To Me


Sun, Sand, Rocks and Roots

Water All Around Us

Votes for Women

What did the Romans Do For Us?

Speak Up!

Compare a region in UK with a region in modern Greece 


Tourism within Athens


Climate zones around the world, weather conditions and climate change

Physical geography: water cycle

Rivers and Mountains

Europe – human/physical geography





Out Of This World

Keep Calm and Carry On




Changes in their local environment. Case study – land use and its effect on the environment  

Globe-related work – world countries, longitude, latitude and time zones. 

UK major cities, rivers, culture – human/physical features, tourism, coastal regions and local vegetation. 




Viking Invasion

And There Was Light!




Fur, Feathers and Fins

UK facts

Major cities, rivers, mountain ranges etc.

Viking settlements and current locations, place names etc.

Location of Northern Lights




Physical geography: Biomes e.g. tropical forest, desert, mountain and how living things have adapted to live there