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At Stanburn, French is taught from years 3 to 6 (Key Stage 2). We follow the guidance in the National Curriculum. Many, although not all of our pupils are already bilingual, but learning another language, which is the same for all is a wonderful experience for all our students. Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures. It fosters pupils’ curiosity and deepens their understanding of the world. Through a variety of engaging activities, games and songs, and stories, children are familiarised with practical vocabulary and phrases which helps them build a solid foundation of the French language. Covering all aspects of language development including speaking and listening, reading and writing, the primary aim our Modern Foreign Languages programme is to encourage children to enjoy learning languages from a young age. Alongside weekly lessons, La Jolie Ronde lunchtime clubs are also available as an extra-curricular session for those who want to join.

At Stanburn Primary School it is our intent to:

• deliver a French curriculum of the highest quality
• develop confident learners, who enjoy learning a new language, and can reflect on similarities and differences between French and other languages they know
• develop learners who can listen, speak, read and write French
• develop a curiosity, deepening their understanding of the world and other cultures
• cover a broad range of contexts that interest pupils, for them to develop and practise their language learning
• provide excellent models of spoken French for pupils to learn pronunciation and intonation
• provide rich opportunities to explore the language through stories, songs, poems and rhymes
• develop links with local High Schools (e.g. Languages day, Year 6 French project)


At Stanburn Primary School the implementation of French lessons is carefully planned so that children can use and apply their French learning in a range of contexts, developing their skills and knowledge in listening, speaking, reading and writing in each unit. Topics covered provide the opportunity for many listening activities and games, with pupils able to adapt and apply questions and phrases, building up to short conversations. Favourite picture books, complementing the topic, and known in English and used in Key Stage One, are shared in the French versions, and new story books introduced. French grammar is taught discretely, with opportunities to use and apply in context. Quizzes, games, and other activities are used to revise previous learning, in order for it to become embedded in the long term memory.


Children at Stanburn Primary will experience a French curriculum that enthuses them for life-long languages learning. They will be able to join in short conversations, and read and write short passages, in French.