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Our school believes that creative arts are a very important element for every child’s development. Through a variety of approaches, Stanburn ensures that every child has the opportunity to develop their music skills and natural talent.

Music Intent:

At Stanburn Primary School our intent is to:
• Provide a high quality music education
• Promote an enjoyment of a wide variety historical periods and styles of music
• Teach children how to listen, sing, compose and perform different pieces of music
• Provide a passion for music
• Provide a diverse music experience
• Promote a development of creativity, expression and love for music

Music Implementation:

Music lessons at Stanburn Primary are taught using the Music Express Scheme of Work. This scheme of work supports our teachers in delivering inspiring and engaging lessons building on previously taught skills and knowledge. In EYFS, children have an opportunity to explore music through singing and are able to create music using a variety of instruments. In Year 2, children have fortnightly lessons learning the recorder. This gives them an opportunity to read music and introduce them to learning an instrument. In KS2, all children are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. We work very closely with the Harrow Music Service which provides us with qualified staff to teach instrument lessons. These include: Classic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Violin and a range of Indian Instruments and Woodwind instruments.

At Stanburn, children will have the opportunity to sing, listen, play, perform and evaluate music in the classroom. Outside the classroom, children also have the opportunity to sing, play and perform in concerts and Music clubs. Current clubs include: Year 3 Choir, Year 4 Choir, Boomwhackers, Orchestra and Musical Theatre. Every academic year we take part in music festivals with other school in Harrow, showcases and hold concerts in school.

Music Impact:

Children at Stanburn will leave with a broadened knowledge of a variety of music. They will have a diverse musical experience and have knowledge of composing, reading and writing music. Children will move on the next stage of their education with a deeper understanding and love for Music. Some children will be inspired to continue their music journeys, with some children applying for musical scholarships at local high schools.