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Our school believes that creative arts are a very important element for every child’s development. We have a dedicated Music Department that ensures that every child has the opportunity to develop their music skills and natural talent. These include: Classic Guitar, Keyboard, Brass, Drums, Woodwinds, Violin and a range of Indian Instruments. 

Every child is in contact with music almost on a daily basis; by curricular/cross curricular general lessons, music clubs (Choir, Musical Theatre, Orchestra) or instrument lessons. We work very closely with the Harrow Music Service which provides us with qualified staff to teach instrument lessons, these include: classic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, brass, drums, woodwind, violin and Indian instruments. Almost 200 children in our school are currently learning a musical instrument. These lessons take place at different times throughout the school day.

Every academic year we take part in music festivals, showcases and hold concerts in school. Children are also encouraged to show off their skills during other events in our daily routines.

FREE Clubs and extra curricular activities

Tuesday Choir KS1: 12:00 - 12:30

              Choir KS2: 12:30-13:00

Wednesday Orchestra (after school): 15:30-16:45