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Music Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map 2016/17 - Music

Year Group

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Who Do We Think We Are?

Take One Year

Let’s Go On An Adventure

Mother Nature

Lets Go To The Zoo

Everybody's Building

World music


Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons

Hot and cold sounds


The Planet Suite

Conventional and non-conventional sound sources.


Carnival of the Animals

Everybody's Buillding song


Huff and Puff

Dolphins, Dinosaurs, and Dragons

Heating Up and Cooling Down!

Elegant Elizabethans

Into the Forest

Move It

Instrument: Recorder

Notes B and A

Pitched and Unpitched

Instrument: Recorder

Notes G and C4

Sound and silence organisation.

World music: Reggae

Instrument: Recorder

Notes E and D

Tempo definitions.

Instrument: Recorder and other instruments together.

Orff orchestra.


Form and shape

Instrument: Recorder and other instruments together. 

Orff orchestra.

Sound organisation: Layers of sounds.


Going Underground

Opposites Attract

Indus Investigators

South of the Border

World music: Stone age music.

Create and play influenced stone age tunes.

Tempo: Accelerando and ritardando

Recorder: Notes C3 and F.

Music genres: Blues

Organized sounds: quavers.


Sound density

Human and physical geography: South America

Contrasting locality: Scotland and South America



It’s All Greek To Me

Light it Up!


Water All Around Us

What Did The Romans Do?

Speak Up!

World music: Greek music

Importance of Greek music in today's music.

Harmony: two and more simultaneous different notes

Time signature: binary


World music: Roman music

Sound waves and frequencies: What they are and how sond works.

Pitch: Note intervals


Kings and Kells


Out of this World

Keep Calm and Carry On

Crash, Bang, Wallop!

The Beautiful East

World music: celtic music

Celtic traditional instruments.

Play traditional Celtic tunes in band or orchestra.

Music genres: pop

The influence of pop music in the last decades.

Instruments around the world

Time signature: Ternary

World music: Carribean sounds - Salsa.

Interpret Salsa tunes. 

Music and dance.

Imitation and canon.


Viking Invasion

And There Was Light!

Let's Go Round Again

Bright Sparks

Let Me Entertain You

Fur, Feathers, and Fins

World music: Scandinavian / viking music

Music genre: Impressionist music. 


Dotted and asymmetric rhythms

What electricity brought to music?

Before and after the electricity

Music genre: Rock and roll.

History and evolution. Influence for generations.

Modern and digital music.

Sounds created and modified electronically.