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Religious Education

Article 14

You have the right to choose your own religion and beliefs.

Article 30

You have the right to practice your own culture, language and religion.

Good RE provision supports the development of the whole child and makes a powerful contribution to young people's learning. It provides them with the chance to explore the big ideas of religion and belief and to think about what is important in their own lives.

At Stanburn Primary School, we pride ourselves on offering a high quality, interesting and inclusive RE curriculum across the school; there is a high level of engagement from all pupils. It is through this full and varied programme that we endeavour to educate our pupils, enabling them to filter out the stereotypes that contribute to religious discrimination and disharmony.

As part of this programme, we provide opportunities for pupils to visit a wide range of religious Places of Worship. The purpose of these visits is to bring the curriculum to life, and develop respect for other religions. At no stage during any of these visits are children asked to join in or take part in any form of acts of worship.

Over their time at Stanburn, pupils could expect to visit:


Stanburn Primary School follows The Harrow Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. There are two aims of the RE curriculum:

· To learn from religion, which contributes to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
· To learn about religion. Pupils find out about the religious and spiritual beliefs and practices of the major religions.

Key questions are investigated through literature, sacred texts, studying artefacts and visits to places of worship. An understanding and awareness of the religious beliefs of others is actively encouraged to promote tolerance and respect through the teaching of RE.