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Religious Education

Article 14

You have the right to choose your own religion and beliefs.

Article 30

You have the right to practice your own culture, language and religion.

At Stanburn Primary School, we pride ourselves on offering a high quality, interesting and inclusive RE curriculum across the school; there is a high level of engagement from all pupils. It is through this full and varied programme that we endeavour to educate our pupils, enabling them to filter out the stereotypes that contribute to religious discrimination and disharmony.

It is our Intent to:


The content of our Religious Education Scheme of work is based on the Harrow Agreed Syllabus for and is taught for an hour, once a week. The Harrow Agreed Syllabus has two main aims:

Key questions are investigated through literature, sacred texts, studying artefacts and visits to places of worship. An understanding and awareness of the religious beliefs of others is actively encouraged to promote tolerance and respect through the teaching of RE.


We seek to ensure that all pupils in our school are educated to develop spiritually, culturally, academically, emotionally and morally to enable them to better understand themselves and others and to cope with the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of living in a rapidly changing, multicultural world.