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Library Restock

We are coming to the end of a significant investment of time and money to revamp the library and make it something we can be proud of. This is our story so far...

What does it take to make a library?


Students helping catalogue the new books

After technical issues rendered the barcodes and database of the old library unusable, the library was closed to allow us to completely rework and prepare the library for proper use again. In the mean time we have relied on classroom collections, with roughly 150 books shared across each year group.

A team of people, both staff and students, have been working very hard to reopen the library. We have had everyone from pupils, to teachers, TAs, and Deputy Heads all pitching in where they can. In recognition of the incredible hard work I would like to take a moment to share exactly what has been going on!

Ordering new books


Some of our new books!

Before we can buy new books, the money has to come from somewhere! Our impressive selection of new books is thanks to the amazing fundraising work of Friends of Stanburn (our PTA) and their generosity. To choose which books to order we consulted with pupils from every year group to find out what they wanted to see in the library, and a lot of research of recommended reading lists for various age groups published by a number of reputable sources. Finally a lot of effort went into ensuring that for every book we wanted we were getting it for the best price we could. The hard work here meant that we could order even more books!


Our librarian prefects present the PTA with a thank you card signed by every pupil at Stanburn

Clearing Old Stock


More of our new books!

As part of the whole process we have removed a lot of books that are out of date, damaged, or generally in poor condition. Out of these some had to be thrown away, some were donated to charity, and some were given to the PTA to use for further fundraising.

Preparing books for the shelf

This is where the most time and effort has gone! A lot of that time has been given by our Library Prefects giving up their break times, and staff giving extra hours on a volunteer basis. So I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has given up time so far to help out!


After significant effort to improve our selection of books, the time had come to improve the shelving. A vibrant and exciting design was chosen, to inspire and engage the pupils. We have seen a great increase in visitors the the library since the new design was put in place.

For more photos have a look at our gallery, or pupils can log on to our VLE, DB Primary, and view the Library Community.