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dB Primary

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Available to all year groups.

dB Primary is an online learning platform which allows students from our school to access information provided by teachers. This is a safe community for them to access home learning and interact with their peers. The activities tab has an exhaustive range of educational learning games for children to play and practise their knowledge. The school has given your child access to their year group community which consists of information specifically from their teachers, alongside the Stanburn School community, and the music and library communities.

There are three different layouts depending on the year your child is in below are images which outline where you will be able to find certain information.

Throughout COVID-19, the school has remained open to the children of Key Workers, and Vulnerable Children. Throughout this whole period, the teachers have continued to post learning and learning activities on dB Primary for the whole school community to access through their Year Group communities. Extra curricular activities and ideas have also been provided through the Stanburn School community page. Activities are asynchronous, that is to say, they are not 'live' which means that we are able to capture as wide an audience as possible. No-one is excluded from the learning because of a limit on devices, broadband, wifi, family commitments.

Those with no access to the internet or devices are provided with paper packs are invited to contact the school to enquire about the loan of a device, or request support with internet access. Paper packs can also be made available if absolutely essential. This means that the whole school community have a fair and equal opportunity to access the curriculum offer, reflecting the core commitment to Stanburn being a school which is inclusive for all.

The curriculum being offered on dB Primary closely reflects what would have been offered had the school been open to all as far as is possible. Maths and English are covered, but so are all the other areas of the curriculum, including Science, History, Geography, Art, DT, PSHCE, Music, French, RE, Computing and PE. Some areas have needed to be adapted for home learning, but we have been able to maintain many elements of the broad and rich curriculum that we are rightly proud of here at Stanburn Primary.

Below are some screenshots and instructions that will help you navigate the dB Primary website, and other websites that are available for you and your child at this time.

dB Primary landing page

Reception and Year 1

db primary reception home page

db primary y1 homepage


Year 2 and Year 3

db primary y2 homepage

db primary y3 homepage

 Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

db primary y4 homepage


db primary y5 homepage


db primary y6 homepage

This is the attached link to the website, please click and sign in:

Stanburn dBprimary