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Rising Stars Reading Planet

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We are pleased to inform you, that we now have access to an online Reading Programme called Reading Planet, which is a 'Rising Stars' reading scheme. It is an interactive online eBook library which has a range of colourful eBooks, quizzes and a reward system to help motivate the children. We feel that it is an ideal resource which can be used to help boost your child’s reading skills and keep them engaged with reading.

Each week, your child’s class teacher will assign at least 1 book to each child. Please be aware that some books will be more challenging than others and each book has an online quiz that your child can work through on completion of the book.

Your child can use their dB Primary username and password to access this resource and there is a link to this reading programme on dB Primary. Class teachers will be showing children how to access the Reading Planet resource in school. However, you can also access the online reading resource on the following website:

Our school log in code is: 207428

If you have any further questions about how to access the Reading Planet resource at home, you can view the frequently asked questions and view the video supports from the following website: